Sunday, 23 August 2009

Super Sketchy Sunday 176

Well, what a palava I've had today! I must have been watching too much athletics on the TV and decided that the lawn mower looked a good possibility for a hurdling session when I was going down the path to hang my washing quessed it, not a good move, and landed flat out on the path, knickers and pegs adorning the grass. Now this was one scary moment as I had knee replacement surgery at Christmas and it's not the thing to be happening.
I'm pretty banged about and aching from top to toe, but us crafters have to soldier on regardless
So it's.....

The start of another week over at
365 Cards
These sketches are always deceiving. They look simple but then I find I'm struggling to make the card look anything like acceptable.

The papers used were a great piece out of my box which was lilac with lime green spots but hasn't scanned well at all. The floral corner is cut from a piece of Kay & Co.
I added a Kay & Co 'Romanza' embossed die cut butterfly and used a clear sparkle Sakura pen to highlight parts of the butterfly and the flowers, all of which has not scanned either.
The piece of pink lace and lilac buttons from my stash.
Well I am off to rest my sore bones in bed and just hope I am able to move in the morning.
So goodnight all, and TFL. :-)


~amy~ said...

Yipes Jenny...are you okay? Good grief...we don't want you hurting yourself...especially doing's one thing to do something your scissors...a not really....anyways, sweet card! Love the lace...oh-so-beautiful!!!


Your card is so soft and pretty. I could see all the details you described when I enlarged the photo. Take care of yourself, falls can be have nasty effects on your whole body!

Celeste said...

Your card is beautiful. I hope you are well after your fall. I just took a spill the other day, couldn't believe it!

TesaB said...

It's beautiful! Gorgeous vintage serene look! I love it!

Gloria Stengel said...

Very soft and pretty!

I am glad you did not injure your knee!! And at least you were carrying laundry and not running with deco scissors! (giggle)

Vicky said...

fabulous card!! i hope you're feeling better!

Leigh said...

So very pretty Jenny. For goodness sake take care of yourself.