Monday, 1 September 2008


I've been tagged by my forum buddy Clare XX
Sorry my answers are late...I was tagged in July...oh! the shame. :-/

What was happening 10 years ago? - I was actually working, my favourite job of all time. I worked in a local Veterinary Practice called Daleside and I was receptionist and did the accounts and ordered the stock. A very bitter sweet sort of job as you can imagine, very joyful times and also times when I went home crying.
I was single and on my own since the break up of my first marriage in 1987, all 3 of my children had left home. So it was just me and possibly 9 cats at that time. I was hugely into cross-stitch and hadn't yet found rubber stamping although I mad cross-stitched cards.

5 things to do today - well it's 4pm so not much of the day left, I have just put my lunch (late) on a plate - vegetable curry, so will enjoy that in a moment,/ I have buried a pigeon this afternoon which I found dead in the garden :( / must make a start on a few birthday cards for this month/ carry on sorting out old card-making magazines and keeping just the bits that are interesting and putting them in files/and finally make sure I watch the drama 'The Children' on ITV

Snacks I like - ice cream, cookies, chocolate, cheese & grapes ,Kettle Chips, olives, oatcakes, more chocolate,! I could go on LOL!!

What I would do if I was a millionaire - Buy a house for each of my 3 children and a little cottage for myself with a room to have my craft stuff in. Have my own personal trainer and physiotherapist to sort out my stoopid body....and pay private for the ops I need.

Places I have lived - Chester, Ellesmere Port and Buckley

I now have to tag 5 people so I'm going to pass it on to Paula, Lisa, Mandy, Sarn & Valerie

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Have you missed me???

Where has all the time gone.??
My only excuse is I've been down, down, down. Not down under....I wish.
My mojo had briefly gone awol too and my duvet looked more inviting than my craft stool.
Hopefully things are on the up and I can show a few of the cards I have managed to do recently.
I'm afraid though that I have not done any scrapping at all. :(

September is a beautiful month, least of all because I was born in it. :P But I love the gradual turning of the leaves to all the golds and yellows...mellow fruitfullness of Autumn beckons.

The birdsong changes too, gone sadly are the screaming swifts which left much later this year ....on the 21st, only to be happily replaced by the beautiful song of a robin, I haven't seen it yet but will entice it with some mealworms methinks.