Sunday, 23 May 2010

Summer has arrived...........

.............and a certain zest for life may not be far off.
I have made a few cards over the past few weeks, but my computer was out of action and being repaired for 10 days. Since I have had it back my printer and scanner do not work and I can't for the life of me get it running again.
As you know from previous post my camera technique is rather less than perfect, having a very old 1.3mp camera!!!
The garden has sprung to life and a blackbird has decided my overgrown climbing rose around my back door is the ideal spot to make her's only about 4 feet from the ground so am on tenterhooks and trying not to worry too much about the amount of stray cats that wander through the garden. My own 2 are definitely past it, especially Dexter who has one front leg and most of his useful teeth missing!!
I am not joining in any card blog comps as my artistic bent is definitely that....bent!!
I miss all my blog hopping and camaraderie but my mind can't handle it at the moment. I am waiting for a hospital appointment to come around which will, more than likely, end in surgery...........wimmins' things :-/
So until I venture this way again I will leave you with a couple of 'photos' taken over the past few weeks.
I love you and leave you 'til then....xx
3-legged Dexter loving the sun....notice box of finished cards behind him...:-)
Good ol' Murphy, oblivious to most things!
Me (bottom right) and the cousins in April celebrating one of their birthdays.  We always have lovely lunches out.  Seems so mad that we are all the top tier of the family tree now with all the parents, aunts and uncles passed on.
These narcissi are called 'Jenny' and are so beautiful. 
More very pleasing spring bulbs. Narcissi 'Tete a Tete' - I'm not sure of the tulips though.
Mother blackbird was away for a while so I stretched my arm into the thicket of rose and managed to take can just see 2 wonderful nature is.