Saturday, 12 September 2009

Gingham Pants

I think this has been the hardest card that I have done for 365 Cards
Day 195 - Pretty Pattern was to have an item of clothing in gingham.
I went through my stash of stamps and found this one which was free on the front of Craft Stamper years ago and I'd never used it.
I managed to find a tiny piece of gingham paper after ages of looking and after stamping onto the gingham I came to a full stop...what the heck to do with 2 pairs of gingham men's pants....the mind boggles!!!
I fiddled and faffed about for ages with ideas and sketches and placement of 'stuff' and finally reverted back to a tried and tested sketch from Clean & Simple which I've used times over. The buttons are Hero Arts and I created the sentiment in Word.
So there you go folks, phew!! I'm off to my bed with a cup of cocoa and might just manage a couple of pages of my book (The Devil Wears Prada)...I know, I'm playing catch-up, night night >>>>>>>>>


Carolyn V said...

Style IS eternal... and your card is AWESOME! Great idea! :D

Bohemian Gypsy said...

Well I think it looks amazing Jenny. You did a good job with two pairs of mens undies lol.

Sherry said...

Jenny, this is awesome I love that stamp and wish I had it. You could have done a little note card and said "Let's be brief".

Leigh said...

Excellent card Jenny.