Saturday, 12 September 2009


365 Cards Day 196 - Just a Touch
The idea is to stamp in black onto white and to then use just a hint of another color somewhere.
I chose this misc. Egyptian stamp and just smooshed some chalk in a sort of ochre colour over the skin and the parchment.
The word Eqypt is by Clarity Stamps and the other tiny emblem is another misc.
I mounted this onto Kraft card by Lakeland...JD!!
This was another quickie as my craft area really needs a sort out and a tidy up as I can't find anything and have about 12 inches square of free space to work on!!!


Cardcrazy said...

Neat image and card! ~~Pam

Bohemian Gypsy said...

Oh what a great card Jenny. My dream is to get to Egypt one day and visit the Temple of Isis. I adore everything ancient Egyptian. I love it Jenny.

Sherry said...

Great card, fabulous stamp and your craft area sounds about as big as mine at the moment.

Carolyn V said...

Quick AND effective. Well done! I had to laugh - my craft space gets like that, too. So quickly... I pull everything out and change my mind 20 times. Well, lets just say I'm a scattered crafter. LOL

Leigh said...

Cool card Jenny.