Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Don't Ask!!!

365 Cards Day 213~ In Pieces - we were provided with set pieces of a pumpkin to download and do with what we will.

This was definitely a hit and miss affair...and more miss than hit.
Trying to piece my bits of coloured paper onto the A4 sheet to go into the printer was a hoot! then...doh!!! I ended up with a green pumpkin and orange leaf..lol!!..so had even smaller bits to play around with...hence my pumpkin looking as it does - lid up!!! My 2 orange pieces would not make a whole pumpkin.
The spider paper is a download, which may be Pink Petticoat, not 100% sure. The bats are out of a pkt of table sprinkles.
Thanks for giving my grey matter a good stir today :D


Sherry said...

Jenny great card although your pumpkin looks a little mean.

Rose said...

i love it!! looks like the bats and spiders are spilling out of him :0) see how an oops can turn into a great card? :0)

Chrissie said...

I should think he would look mean with the top of his head chopped off Sherry!
Great job on this card Jenny!

Kim said...

GREAT! looks like the spiders are escaping the pumpkin...what fun! Aloha!

Clare said...

Sounds like you had fun making it hun LOL The spiders are really good :D

~amy~ said...

such a fun take on the challenge Jenny...I love it!!

Pam said...

Jenny, you made me laugh out loud with your description of how you came up with this card, and I must say it turned out great!!