Thursday, 24 September 2009

Challenge Combo!

365 Cards Day 208 - Challenge Combo to combine a seperate 365 challenge from each of the months of Jun/Jul/Aug
Well this was a challenge and a half, but there again I probably made it so because of my choices.
My choices :-
June Day 103 - Recipe~4.25 x 5.5 card:Solid BG:2 x P.P's:3 gems: Stamped Sentiment
July Day 136 - What is Black, White & Red all Over?
August Day 179 - Checkerboard background to be used

Card size ~~ Check
Solid BG - Black ~~ Check
2 x PP's ~~ Check
3 x Gems ~~ Check
Stamped Sentiment ~~ Check
Black, White & Red ~~ Check
Checkerboard ~~ Check....don't know whether this counts as it isn't actually the BG

All items out of my box of stash and bits.


~amy~ said...

such a fun combo of challenges on your turned out fabulous!!!!

Rose said...

you did a fantastic job on a hard challenge! :0)

TesaB said...

Love your choices of challenges - boy you didn't make it easy for yourself including a recipe also! But WOW, the card turned out great! Beautiful design, love the brads in the corners making the balance perfect!