Monday, 29 June 2009

Four Seasons

This was the theme over at 365 Cards Day 121. A great challenge I thought and have the perfect set of stamps.
Now I am not expecting any comments on this card, unless they are advice on how to go about making a card. lol!!
This is a lesson on how NOT to make a card.
I had all the elements ready with a card in my mind. Colours carefully chosen for each season and the ribbons to match.....But what on earth made me choose that paper?
and why did I not see how hideous it all was assembled until the very end when it was all glued together....doh!!
So let this be a lesson girls.
First get your glasses on.
Second don't watch the tennis at the same time
and third don't lose the plot .....thank you and good night!! xxx


Bohemian Gypsy said...

What a clever idea Jenny. This is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

You know, I have to say, I understand how you might feel, but I think the card is pretty great, maybe a little busy, but I really do like it.

But trust me I know how you feel, somedays after allllll the work I just post it, and say WHATEVER.

Sherry said...

your post had me laughing at the end. I think the card turned out fine and I love the trees and the colors you did each one in.

One4Joy said...

oh, Jenny, when I first spied the BG paper...I loved your choice! And then I read your commentary...I love the polka dots and especially love how you interpretated the seasons with the different stages of the same tree!

~amy~ said...

this is absolutely darling!!! Great job!

NWFlamingo said...

Me thinks you protest too much! I probably would have stopped with just the turquoise ribbon with the Time Flies attached, but I love the polka dot background with your trees. Your color selection is wonderful.

Ella said...

I love your take on this!

Gloria Stengel said...

Well I like it. But I'm a more is more kinda gal. I may have only done one ribbon, because we all now that I don't like to use too much ribbon at one time. LOL