Friday, 31 July 2009

I have an Award

From the lovely Glenna aka Fabric Butterfly
I am having serious problems atm in being able to leave comments on some blogs so Glenna please forgive me that I cannot thank you on your lovely blog. She is so generous in her appreciation of other peeps talent. xxx
So this is what comes next.
The rules are:
Make reference to award and publish it
Disclose rules
Share 5 things you like to do
Share with 10 blogs
Inform each blog

So here it is -

5 things I like to do:

Make cards and some times scrapbook (need to do more)
Read good books
Watch the birds and wild things in my garden
Have meaningful conversations with my 3 (adult) children
Cuddle my adorable pussy cat companions

And the 10 people who I would like to give this award to are :-
Carolyn V


Chrissie said...

Thank you so much Jenny, I feel really touched that you have thought of me. I have not long posted this award so I'll add your generous nomination.
Enjoying your blog!

Rose said...

thanks for thinking of me :) i just love the pics of your furbabies, mine help on the keyboard also lol :)

~amy~ said...

Hi Jenny, thanks sooooo much for thinking of me!!! sooooo sweet of YOU!

Carolyn V said...

Thank you Jenny - Your comments are always so kind and right back atcha! ~ Carolyn

Made by Mandy said...

Jenny thank you so much for this award, it means a lot to me as does your friendship.

Lots of love xxx