Monday, 6 July 2009

Card Recipe

365 Cards Day 128 a card recipe...oh! I love these.

1 5x5 card
1 rub-on image
2 buttons
1 pce. patterned paper
1 pce. ribbon (NO bow)
1 sentiment inside the card

I don't buy rub-on pictures, but had this one though for about 4 years and never used as I have never had much success with rub-on pictures especially Royal and Langnickel and binned the lot of them. I kept this because it is PSX but never dared to use it for fear it would end up ruining a card.......but voila! it was successful.
The piece of paper used is by HOTP
Everything else from my stash, the stamp used for the sentiment inside was off eBay and has no make on it.

This took me longer than imagained as I was sat with the one piece of paper in my hand staring at the rub on on the card for sooooooooooo long lol!!...I then came up with the torn window.

Hope this fits the recipe okay.


Sherry said...

cute card Jenny!

Carolyn V said...

Hi Jenny, what a great take on the challenge today. I simply adore pansies (they remind me of my grandmother) and I love the window idea!

~amy~ said...

everything is sooo wonderfully matchy matchy....from your pattern paper to your stamped image to your sentiment...great job!

Jenny S. (UK) said...

Oh! dear...that 'stamped image' is my rub-on ...honest :/

Gloria Stengel said...

That is so pretty! That rub-on is fab! Don't you hate when you spend money on them and then they don't rub off properly! Makes me crazy!