Sunday, 20 April 2008


Hi, thanks for taking time out to visit my little planet Blog. I am now retired and have spent the best part of my life crafting in one way or another.I have been cardmaking for about 7 years now and have just recently turned my hand to scrapbooking. And with 60 years of photos at my disposal, I think I may have opened a huge can of worms.Please feel free to use any design you see for your own cards or LO's.

I can't promise I will be as up to date as necessary, but will try my best to keep up. LOL


Clare said...

Welcome to the blogging world Jenny :o) Yours looks fab. Will keep checking back for updates

lots of hugs
Clare xxx

Kerrie's Crafting Corner said...


Well you kept this one quiet lol!!! Welcome to the blogging world so pleased you have started your own!!



valeriej said...

Woohoo well done Jenny and it's great. Loving your cards.

Barney said...

That's really good ma... You're a dab-hand on this tinternet thingy now. I think it's high-time I started my own blog...

Day 1 - Work, Eat, Sleep

Day 2 - Work, Eat, Sleep....

Maybe not.!

Love you loads xxx