Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Bionic Woman Rides Again

A couple of weeks before Christmas saw me in hospital to have total right knee replacement, hence my absence from my blog. After coming home I had intended to throw myself into my crafting unaware that I would feel so down and woolly brained, and also sitting at the computer for longer than 5 mins was a no-no!. I was also convinced the surgeon had removed my mojo too. :-O
So now 6 weeks after the event I am starting to feel more myself but still have to limit the time spent sitting at the computer.
I have joined a couple of card challenge blogs and until I find out how to load everything needed to join in these in the proper manner I will just have to download (or is it upload lol!) a couple of my general cards I have made recently.

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Sarn loves choc said...

Welcome back to blog-land Jenny. xxx Glad to hear you're feeling better x