Monday, 1 September 2008


I've been tagged by my forum buddy Clare XX
Sorry my answers are late...I was tagged in July...oh! the shame. :-/

What was happening 10 years ago? - I was actually working, my favourite job of all time. I worked in a local Veterinary Practice called Daleside and I was receptionist and did the accounts and ordered the stock. A very bitter sweet sort of job as you can imagine, very joyful times and also times when I went home crying.
I was single and on my own since the break up of my first marriage in 1987, all 3 of my children had left home. So it was just me and possibly 9 cats at that time. I was hugely into cross-stitch and hadn't yet found rubber stamping although I mad cross-stitched cards.

5 things to do today - well it's 4pm so not much of the day left, I have just put my lunch (late) on a plate - vegetable curry, so will enjoy that in a moment,/ I have buried a pigeon this afternoon which I found dead in the garden :( / must make a start on a few birthday cards for this month/ carry on sorting out old card-making magazines and keeping just the bits that are interesting and putting them in files/and finally make sure I watch the drama 'The Children' on ITV

Snacks I like - ice cream, cookies, chocolate, cheese & grapes ,Kettle Chips, olives, oatcakes, more chocolate,! I could go on LOL!!

What I would do if I was a millionaire - Buy a house for each of my 3 children and a little cottage for myself with a room to have my craft stuff in. Have my own personal trainer and physiotherapist to sort out my stoopid body....and pay private for the ops I need.

Places I have lived - Chester, Ellesmere Port and Buckley

I now have to tag 5 people so I'm going to pass it on to Paula, Lisa, Mandy, Sarn & Valerie


Made by Mandy said...

I've been tagged too by you!

I have answered on my blog.

Sorry to hear the bad news about the pigeon, I know you love your birdies.

I have set the Children to record on Sky +, looks like a good drama.

valeriej said...

Thanks Jenny have answered on my blog, not sure who to send it on to though

Becky Stewart said...

lovely to see you blogging again!